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January, 2011

  1. Purl

    January 11, 2011 by Dini

    Molecular Mixology ‘Purl’ Cocktails


    I discovered Purl on London Cocktail Week’s calendar (Oct 2010), a speakeasy bar running events during the week with a molecular mixology twist. The bar, a mish-mash of different era’s from room to room, from Victoriana to Art Noveau, reflecting their menu of drinks harking from times of by-gone era’s.

    It’s a small world, as on my first visit, I discovered that two of the Bar’s owners (Tom & Tristan, were ex-colleagues of mine). I was somewhat blown away by their enthusiasm and expertise shared to the Cocktail Week event attendees, displaying all manner of mixology techniques. On showcase were gels (a great edible alcoholic toothpaste that gave Aquafresh a run for it’s £ – well in colour & form), fogs, mists, foams, caviars and powders (that’s not an illegal substance being cut and passed around!).

    On following visits, I realised that the chaps change their menu’s seasonally, always trying to showcase a technique and display it with real theatre… displaying the ‘wow’ factor with liquid nitrogen.

    Purl Signature Serves:


    Mr Hyde’s Fixer Upper

    Mr Hyde's Fixer Upper

    Mr Hyde's Fixer Upper (pic c/o T.Stephenson)

    Ron Zacapa 23 rum and homemade cola and orange bitters served in a smoke injected, wax sealed potion bottle with Lapsang fog


    A Green Fairy Sazerac

    Green Fairy Sazerac

    Absinthe foam sweetened with Cognac and tweaked with lemon peel and Peychaud’s Bitters


    I’ll have to hold my hand up and confess, that it was after a few visits that I took up a temporary post working with the chaps and their Co. – Fluid Movement, so I’ll end my post here. After my stint ended I did visit their new bar, Worship Street Whistling Shop (Shoreditch), which has more of a Victorian Gin-Palace feel to it and gives them the space to really entertain and combine an interesting food offering with Temple & Shian.

    Address: Purl, 50/54 Blandford St, London, W1U 7HX

    Reservations recommended via:

  2. Bob Bob Ricard’s Russian Lunch

    January 3, 2011 by Dini

    BBR Rhubarb G&T's

    My Glamorous Russian Prixe Fixe

    Dec 2010

    On a rainy December lunch-time, I decided glitz and glamour was in order, so I joined some fellow twitter food-lovers at the Soho restaurant, Bob Bob Ricard. On entering, I was not disappointed the decor was like entering a grandiose palace, with stunning fixtures and fittings. As a fan of the colours, gold and turquoise, I was in my element, David Collins (Interiors Designer) certainly won me over.

    First off we started with a round of cocktails, well we were getting into the Christmas spirit. I have to confess at this point, Management had been alerted to our booking, due to my ’blogger’ dining guests, Richard (Co-Owner) graciously sent us some complimentary items, to get our dining off to a bang! Then complimentary cocktails of the house Rhubarb Gin & Tonic arrived. This was a delectable drink and probably my favourite of
    the cocktails, because the gin allowed the fresh rhubarb to shine, in the simple drink composition.

    Next off we received a complimentary Russian Salad, topped with shavings of Black Truffle, accompanied by a 25cl glass of Kauffman luxury vintage vodka 2008. The vodka came in a dainty cut crystal glass, that had frosted over due to the cold serve at -18 degrees. Paying attention to chill the vodka made such a difference in tasting the quality of it and it’s combination with the creamy salad and melt in the mouth truffle.

    Russian Salad with shaved Black Truffle & Kauffman's Vodka

    Russian Salad with shaved Black Truffle & Kauffman's Vodka

    For my paid element, I opted for a two-course Prixe Fixe menu, seeing we’d already had a starter course. As a ‘Burger-holic’ I selected the BBR Scotch Beef Burger (traditionally a cheese-burger, but I’m not a fan of cheese on my burgers so opted out. However, I’ll report that one can have an option of either Danegeld Cheddar or Kraft Cheese). Alongside this, I had fries and coleslaw… however we shared each other’s side dishes to get a taste.

    BBR Scotch Burger

    BBR Scotch Burger

    For my own personal preference, my burger was a little too charred for my liking, but the taste was superb, juicy and great quality meat. I especially liked the fries served in cute BBR boxes. The majority of service-ware and trims had the BBR insignia, a nice touch.

    BBR Scotch Burger & Sides

    BBR Burger & Sides

    For dessert, I had 3 scoops of ice-cream (Peanut butter/banana, Valrhona chocolate & Salted caramel). My favourite of the flavours was the chocolate, rich and dreamy. The other two, were full of promise in flavour descriptor, but for me failed to deliver. A little ironic that the items, I recieved that were complimentary, were superb, but those I selected and paid for myself, lack-lustre – perhaps my poor choices.

    I especially like the touches such as the ‘Champagne Button’ in each of the booths, it’s such a whimsical notion, to summon a waiter on request, just for Champagne – but why not? My favourite spot of all, was actually detailing in the wine menu… they cheekily do a wine price comparison in pricing, against Michelin starred restaurants…

    A cheeky wine comparison:

    Chateux Margaux 1st Cru Classe, 1985 – £575

    This wine is £1500 at Corrigan’s Mayfair

    Bob Bob Ricard delivers with bags of confidence. If you want a feast for the eyes, this is definitely a place to come, for the decor, people-watching and beautiful dishes. I didn’t get my burger or ice-cream to my taste, but I’ll let this go, as the service and vibe was spot-on.

    Bobby’s Bar alas was closed when we waddled off, however I have been back and definitely recommend the Rhubarb G&T (now a staple in my London drinking tipple’s). With a ‘clear’ Bloody Mary named after the supermodel Natalie Vodianova, you know this is going to be a high glamour and glossy venue.

    My photo’s don’t do justice to the opulence and beauty of this establishment, so I’m going to guide you to the excellent @paulwf’s shots.

    Bob Bob Ricard
    1 Upper James Street, London, W1F 9DF
    0203 145 1000

    Bob Bob Ricard on Urbanspoon