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June, 2011

  1. Soho Food Feast

    June 26, 2011 by Dini

    Summer Food Feast for a worthy cause…

    25th June 2011

    Nestling in the heart of Soho, lies the Soho Parish School and it’s this cause that took me to St Anne’s Garden, as well as fabulous food (of course). With the aid of some School Supporters and a few famous Chefs the Soho Food Feast was born, to raise funds.  Hats of to them, if you have famous friends and neighbours, why not? The proposition to me, getting a warm glow from giving to charity (a mere £6.50 entry on pre-booking , going upto £10 on the day and thereafter £2 per portion). This seemed an absolute bargain considering the calibre of Soho-ite restauranteurs participating, there in attendance and happy to chat away, certainly in comparison to the farce that Taste Festival has become.

    My highlights included:

    Boca Di Lupo with their Sausage feast with sister co. Gelupo and their adorable gelato cart. There were initially 8 gelato’s and sorbet’s on offer but as expected on a hopt summer’s day sold out one by one like hot-cakes. Their crowd pleasing favourites were on offer: Bonet gelato (a delicate blend of choc, amaretti, caramel & expresso) and I opted for Coconut & Rasberry sorbets.

    Polpo had some liver pate with crustini and a seafood and olive salad that was beguilingly beautiful. I met a fellow tweep at the Food Feast (Adam – featurded) he claimed that he had been pulled in to help out on their stall, from where I was standing he seemed to be enjoying the Pimms more so… he of course profusely denies this and claims it’s someone elses!

    Koya was a new find for me, ever since a rave review in the Metro’s friend’s say this once hidden gem has become impossible to get a table at. A shame as the Buta Pork Miso I slurped away at, was a salty and moreish pot, that made me giddy yearning for more. Alas, I was whisked onto Hix to have some salmon on sourdough (Hix, a non attendee apparently at Glastonbury as was Yianni of the Meatwagon).

    Valentine Warner gave us a welcome interval from eating, creating a simple yet wholesome seafood stew, which was whisked around the crowd so quickly I didn’t get a look-in. Close by Trevor Gullivan (of St John’s Bread & Wine) was on hand running a wine stand, with cases of different varieties, sharing his wondorous knowledge. offal was on offering on their food stand, I joked that had they had their famous custard filled doughnuts there may have been a stampede… so good are these doughnuts, I’m told they’re sold out by 9am on a Saturday.

    I indulged in trying a few more ‘sweets’ namely a take-away of The Union’s cherry cupcakes and Gaucho’s Eton Mess (after being harangued at by the Sous Chef – I always succumb to food pressure). One lovely spot was a purchase of some thick-cut orange marmalade made by Jeremy Lee (of BluePrint Cafe). He was very sweet and posed for a pic with his pot for sale. I asked him how bookings were going in the restaurant’s  21st year after the rave review they recieved in the Metro. He responded humblyy that he was pleased that the restaurant had been reviewed as a piece after 21 years and that indeed bookings had resurged.

    This event was a jolly one, with a great family spirit and tasty food offerings for a fan of Soho-ite haunts.

    To find out more about Soho Parish Primary School, click here, tickets for the 2012 event have sold out ands none on the door I’m afraid, but details are here.

    2012 update:  J.Lee is now at Quo Vadis, should have guessed then, that his cooking at a ‘Soho’ event, was due to a move!

  2. Bonnie & Wild SupperClub

    June 21, 2011 by Dini

    It was Bonnie & a ‘wee’ Wild…

    19th June 2011

     Showcasing the best of Scottish produce, Bonnie Gull, Fisherman’s Mission and Wild Game Co have joined forces to create some unique pop-up supperclub nights. 

    Hosted in a M.Manze’s traditional Pie & Mash shop in Chapel Market (Angel), diners are seated in wooden church-like pews. Mo-town classics are the background sound-track, heightened by the chatter and laugther of the other diners. My dining guests and I went on their first  Saturday night and it was completely sold-out.

    The organisers’ ethos is to provide sustainable, organic, fresh and British sourced food.  For this they tick all the boxes, the seafood and game cooked to perfection but sides and sauces needed work. The one option for dessert – ‘Burnt Cream’ was a disappointment and I’m not sure what it was supposed to be. Alas, I’ll give them a break as they were only starting out and we were getting a reduced rate (3 courses for £20, usually £29).

    Watch out: Cash only… so make you make a trip to the ATM first

    Make sure to: Take advantage of the BYO


    Bonnie & Wild, 74 Chapel Market, N1 9ER








  3. Grazing Asia #1

    June 21, 2011 by Dini

    A Feast across Asia over Lunch

    19th June 2011

    3 things drove me to book onto the inaugural Grazing Asia lunch…

    1.  A knock-out menu
    2.  Bloggers who were passionate about Asian Food were hosting and
    3.  Profits were donated to Jamie Oliver’s ‘Fifteen’


    Seared Tuna, Yuzu Ponzu & Sesame Dressing

    Luiz (@TheLondonFoodie) – Seared Tuna Tataki, Yuzu Ponzu & Sesame Dressing


    Nga-pe Thoh aka Spicy Fishball Salad

    Mimi (@Meemalee) –  Nga-pe Thoh aka Spicy Fishball Salad


    Crispy Pork Belly, Banh Cuon, Pickled, Fried Shallots and Ham

    Uyen (@LoveLeluu) –  Crispy Pork Belly, Banh Cuon, Pickled, Fried Shallots and Ham


    Malaysian Curry Laksa

    May (@SlowFoodKitchen) – Malaysian Curry Laksa


    Vanilla Pannacotta with red fruit coulis

    Fifteen Apprentice – Vanilla pannacotta with a red fruit coulis


    Hosted in Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation’s test-kitchen, this was an informal event, quickly filled up by the hosts’ twitter and blog followers. Each host chose and prepared a dish of their speciality, all colourful, with authentic recipes and sourcing of ingredients. The dessert was supposed to be a green tea pannacotta, however turned out as vanilla. Not in total unison with the rest of the menu, but still a creamy crowd-pleaser. If forced to pick a dish, I’d have to pick Luiz’s tuna dish, because he let the beauty and freshness of the tuna (donated by Fin & Flounder) ‘shine through’. For their first event, I thought it was well organised, executed and a great opportunity to meet other food-lovers. There were opportunities to learn about the dishes as well as socialise with other diners.

    For more Grazing Asia dates – check out Luiz’s site… and details on Fifteen –

    Edible Experiences

  4. Fishy Fishy

    June 18, 2011 by Dini

    Dermot O’Learys in Brighton…

    16th June 2011

    On a somewhat breezy June day, I ventured out to be besides the sea-side, Brighton in this case. A yearning for ‘Fish & Chips’ determined the path of my day… I hadn’t done my research but knew I’d be able to sniff out a good chippy or rely on local word of mouth.

    A stroll along the promenade and piers, threw up the usual tourist vendors… lots of candy floss and junk food, but alas not the place for me. A local then suggested that the Harry Ramsden’s was the ‘best’ offering in town. I recall going to this same Harry Ramsden’s when I was ten years old and at the time it being the bee’s knees. Alas, I was ten and the fact this is now a nation-wide chain, has lost some magic in my eyes.

    The further I walked away from the sea, this saddened me, but with the gusty sea and wind wreaking avengence, I was glad of some warmth and shelter.

    Who’d of thought that Mr Dermot O’Leary would be my saviour? – Well, from TV Presenter to Restaurateur… his restaurant ‘Fishy Fishy’ was my choice of the day. Located in the town centre, trade was bustling, a full house for our late lunch service.

    Seeing the words: “Fresh, Local, Seasonal  & Sustainable” written on a black-board was reassuring and at least started to justify the price tag of ‘Brasserie’ fish and chips.

    Starters: Potted Crab with Melba Toast

    Potted Crab

    Potted Crab

    A little disappointing, not enough mace or cayenne (something with a kick or an ounce of flavour) and the butter had just unappealingly  congealed. I long for the day I can visit Cromer and taste their most celebrated Cromer crab, potted, dressed or just anyhow…

    Mains: ‘Fishy Fishy’ Fish & Chips

    Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas

    Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas

    I really like the presentation of the two fillets, like leaping dolphins.  Obviously no Cod on the menu, my fillets were Channel- caught pollock and whiting, crispily battered in a good beer batter mix. Accompanying this were minted, mushy peas, a homemade tartare sauce & skinny chips. The latter perplexed me… skinny chips! As a traditionalist, I like my chips (with fish) to be a thick cut, crispy and well salted, with no vinegar in sight.

    On finishing my plate, I did ask Co-Owner, James Ginzley on the use of skinny chips. He remarked that he and the Team had been through so many tasting sessions and this combo of potatoe choice, chip size and oil was the most preferred. To bolster my preference, he told me that I shared it with HRH Prince Phillip. James had recently catered for a party and he had made exactly the same remarks… so at least one cannot state that it’s not the ‘common’ choice.

    On this note. I’d had my fill. This was most unlike myself, as I didn’t feel like dessert. I was looking around for any signs of our illustrious celebrity restaurateur and then I spotted that there were framed press coverage pieces, guiding you up the stairs. The most notable was one with Dermot on the OFM cover with fish in his mouth.

    With the bill, some cute ‘Fishy Fishy’ sweets were laid down, as well as a sneak peak at the upcoming cookbook, now available on Amazon. It seems cookbooks are an easy sell to diners these days, if they’ve enjoyed their meals, who knows they might wish to purchase it to recreate their meal.

    Their intentions and hard work are well-meaning. My starter a let down and my main was pretty good. The brasserie menu had a lot of fish specials to offer… mussels galore, fish on or off the bone and a shell-fish extravaganza. I can see that this is a busy hot-spot for the town and hope that those dishes are executed with love and care. A second outlet has now opened up in Poole, so who knows where Mr O’Leary will pop up next?


    FishyFishy Seafood Brasserie
    36 East Street, Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 1HL
    Telephone: 01273 723750

    Fishy Fishy on Urbanspoon

  5. Riding House Cafe

    June 15, 2011 by Dini

    Brasserie Eating in Style

    13th June 2011

     The decor, reminded me a little of a Russell Sage influence, with the odd taxidermy speckled in interiors (squirrel lamps and birds in cases). It is vibrantly colourful in decor and clientele and I have to say packed to the rafters everytime I walk past. The Cafe, is a great mix of new and old, in decor as well as classic dishes with modern flourishes. One example on the decor front is the stark contrast of the ceiling detailing, between exposed tiles and a smooth white skimmed surface.

    Riding House Cafe ceiling

    Riding House Cafe ceiling

    In the nature of sharing plates, my dinner guest and I decided to share a few small plates for starters, one main course and naturally (for me) a couple of desserts. The menu full of fresh and seasonally enticing small plates as well as old fashioned brasserie main plate favourites, that quenched my nostalgic yearning (sundaes).

    The starters were light, delicious and colourful in design. The cutlery had a great knack of being substantial in functionality but retained daintiness. For our main, The Titchfield (named after the cafe’s street location) had a wedge of foie gras, moistening the burger and riding on the popular crest of the ingredient at the moment. I wasn’t too keen on the bun (too doughy, for my liking) and only too happy to leave it to make space for two desserts…

    Onto my favourite subject – ‘Desserts‘… the Summer Pudding oozed with fruits and laced with rum. On asking our waitress what sort of rum? I’m assuming she was a young newbie, as she replied “oh, a cheap white one, just for cooking”, not exactly the response I was looking for. The Sundae was a heady mix of macaron, honeycomb, ice-cream, hot fudge sauce and fruit. Each treasure-troving spoonful, was a treat to eat.

    Surveying the menu, it has a great breakfast menu too. I started with the ABC Ginger pre-dinner and the vibrancy of the colour (with beetroot) was enough to perk  and set me up for the night to come.

    All in all, a good find that’s handy for it’s central London (Noho) positioning. They satisfy and tick comfort eating boxes in a big way. The service if a little naive, was pleasant and speedy.

    Be aware of: Making your booked dining time, it’s so busy, you’ll miss out otherwise!
    Take time to: Try lots of the sharing plates, there is something for everyone and if they don’t press on turning the table in 2 hours, you can take your time and enjoy
    Riding House Cafe, 43-51 Great Titchfield St, London, W1W 7PQ  

    The Riding House Cafe on Urbanspoon


  6. Largest M&M’s World in London

    June 13, 2011 by Dini

    M&M’s World… London’s Chocolate Hotspot

    On the 13th June 2011, at 10.05am I was ready for the fanfare of the ‘Largest  M&M’s Store in the World’… but there were no trumpets or celebrity Z-listers  to cut the ribbon… alas this was just a soft-opening, with just a handful of  tourists and me.

    Even so, I ventured into the 35,000 sq foot store, with high  hope of at least getting some goodies. Having been to the Time Square (NYC) store, I knew what to expect, floors of M&M’s chocolate and every possible bit of  merchandise imaginable. This is a high energy, retail theatre store, think of  an ‘extreme’ Hamleys, if you can…

    There is a high London-centric theme, which is a real  tourist footfall and sales revenue driver. Not only are there landmark and London
    iconography (Route-Master Bus, Abbey Road etc), they’ve also created London  themed chocolate mixes. I do like this and some part of me thinks, its  inspiring timing from Mars (M&M’s parent company), to cash in with the  increased Olympics footfall.

    What I liked:

    • * The posing characters, for those touristy snaps
    • * The periscope which uses CCTV like video to spot  your friend in another spot in the store
    • * The Mix Lab (a M&M’s packet/box  customisation area)

    What I didn’t like:

    • * No flavours apart from milk chocolate and peanut  were available (unlike the NYC store)
    • * The limited amount of sampling (considering it  was the 1st opening hour) was done using a small dispenser, not  necessarily hygienic,    as all and sundry can touch it before you do
    • * Shrilly sales patter is not for me, but then I  guess I’m not their target audience


    I was so perturbed by the lack of flavours, I called for a  Manager…a Marketer came over from HQ (this amused me). So I explained I had been to the NYC store and had been expecting as others had been, a range of all  the global flavours displayed, this being the largest store?  Their response was… due to EU regulations  this wasn’t possible, as each pack would need to be ‘import stamped’. They were  considering introducing peanut butter, as soon as a UK batch could be  produced…and not likely to run almond or coconut. This really baffled me, had  Mars not conducted any consumer insight work? Surely a high proportion of  customers want peanut butter flavour (as it’s not the norm, one can buy here already?) – Or is it just me that harangues anyone passing through NYC to pick  me up a bag? Anyhow, I would have expected Mars to have factored this into their  NPD planning for a production run at Slough (their manufacturing site in the UK) to tie in with store opening.

    I will go back, but only once the Peanut Butter M&M’s  are in stock and until then, I’ll pop around the corner to Cyber Candy, where they stock them already (with import stickers)!

    M&M’s World
    1 Swiss Court
    Leicester Square
    London, WC2H 7DG
    Telephone number:
    0207 025 7171
    Opening times: Mon to Sat – 10am to 12am, Sun – 12pm to 6pm
    2012 update to post from M&M’s UK  (via facebook)….
    M&M’s UK Hey Dini, Red here! Great to see you made a trip to see us! (If you took any snaps, I hope you got my good side). We’ve got the team this side of the pond working on getting more of our flavoursome friends over to the UK in the future. Stick with us and we’ll keep you in the know! 16 January 2012 at 13:33

  7. Spuntino vs da Polpo

    June 11, 2011 by Dini

    Oozing Truffled Egg Toast

    Comfort eating or destination eating?


    Apparently, there’s a Russell Norman/Richard Beatty restaurant out there for you… whether it be Polpo/Chichetti, Polpetti, Spuntino newly opened Da Polpo. Each offer a slightly different proposition and my flavour of the moment is Spuntino. Nestling in Rupert Street, the halo effect of becoming a twitter food haven in Soho, has brought two new openings of Bubbleology (Taiwanese flavoured tapioca Tea) and Madd (mango dessert/drinks).

    Both have a distressed finish to them, aged with love and beautiful details such as: bag hooks under the bar tables, the old fashioned gum machine and most of all the menus printed on brown paper. Spuntino, for me has an intimate feel to it a cross between a Italian-New York Diner, even having NY style black filter coffee for the offing, but I wish they’d get a machine in! Ink (in the tattoo form) are part of the staff attire, one could liken the staff to the Gogol Bordello punk-rock group. In fact a few months ago, there was some friendly rivalry between them and Hawksmoor, asking twitter followers to vote for their favourite ‘ink’ work… go figure!

    Spuntino back-bar

    Food wise it’s comfort eating at its best, wholesome, heart-warming food, with service with or without a smile depending on who is serving.  I can’t really complain on the 6 occasions I’ve been to Spuntino I’ve not had to wait longer than 10 minutes for a seat (no reservations, walk-in only) and the service at both has been knowledgeable and on the whole courteous.  Da Polpo is a livelier and larger venue (with booking available in the day only) specialising it seems in meatballs galore.

    At Spuntino, my favs include: Truffled egg toast (decadent with oozing truffle infused Fontina cheese), Sliders – Ground beef & marrow Slider (moist and juicy), Spiced mackerel (with piquancy of horseradish), Eggplant chips with fennel yoghurt (fresh tanginess that cuts through the batter) and finally dessert of Brown sugar cheesecake with grappa prunes (a boozily sumptuous treat).

    Da Polpo favs include: spicy pork & fennel meatballs (the tastiest that I had) and the Tiramisu pot (like diving into cup of heaven).The Bellini Sgroppino also caught my eye, but alas it awaits it’s turn for another visit…

    Be aware of: There are only 26 seats at Spuntino so go there early for lunch/dinner or off peak

    Take time to: Have an aperitif, the Clover Clubs & Negroni’s are much recommended or for Da Polpo pop over the road to Rules, for a cocktail

    da Polpo
    6 Maiden Lane
    London, WC2E 7NA 
    020 7836 8448
    61 Rupert Street
    London, W1D 7PW
    No telephone

    da Polpo on Urbanspoon

    Spuntino on Urbanspoon


  8. Johnnie Mountain ‘Pig Fest’ @Critical Couple’s

    June 8, 2011 by Dini

    A ‘crazy’ Pig Fest like no other…

    6th June 2011

    I first came across Johnnie Mountain on Great British Menu (Series 5, 2011) competing for the NW heats, unfortunately Johnnie didn’t make it through, but his personality certainly did. Here he is recreating his famous Belly Pork…

    So much so that when he appeared as a guest Chef at the Critical Couple’s Dinner Party, I jumped at the chance to sample a ‘Pig Fest’ and the 9 courses that ensued truly bowled me over!

    On arrival I was greeted at the door by the ‘hired help’ not unusual apart from the fact this young lady called ‘Abdul’ was head to toe in a burka, traditionally a male name, suspicion arose. I knew this was odd as it was a ‘Pig Fest’ and obviously Pork, a forbidden meat to Muslims… but hey this was no ordinary dinner. Later in the evening we found Mrs C.C chasing ‘Abdul’ around the room with a cleaver announcing her as a ‘thief’… (of course, entertainment!) Johnnie finally introduced the veiled one as his wife, Manjri. The night had been played out with a charade of loving bickering, calling for divorce… Manjri was charm personified for FOH with the patience of a saint!

    The venue, the Critical Couple’s classy apartment, overlooking a night-time London cityscape featuring the Gherkin. Aperitifs to hand, Dom Perignon Rose, started the evening in the style and the rest of the drinks were selected to match the ‘Pig Fest’ by @WineChap (Tom Harrow). Tom was away on hols, but sent his drinks matches and tasting notes through a pre-recorded video for the group, we gave listening  due to a tech-fail at the outset and just enjoyed the drinks instead.

    Canapes came in an array of colourful Thermo-mixed veg purees, deliciously sweet palette cleansers, to start the evening with. It was one way to ensure we got our 5-a-day, knowing the cholesterol charged pork menu ensuing.

    A platter of Iberico ‘Bellota’ Ham with cornichon, Gruyere beignets & acorn praline laid resplendent in the centre of the table. It looked so beautiful it seemed a shame to plate it, the pouring of the Inocente Fino sherry aided the way. This was then followed on by a vibrant green Pea, leek & knuckle soup had a velvety smooth texture. Then came ‘Jabugo’ roasted tenderloin with pickled apples & mustard onions. The onions with a slight piquancy that cut through the fattiness of the pork.

    A welcome respite from the main event of pork (well apart from the sprinkling of dust) came in the form of Iced apple with pancetta dust. The delicate flavour combination and sorbet restored an element of soberness through it’s refreshing temperature.

    The 38hr ‘Deconstructed’ Gloucester belly with Boudin noir, carrot & leek, was like a compressed sandwich of sumptuous goodness. A truly melt in the mouth experience with the added textured layer of very fine pork crackling.

    The Braised Cheeks were tender and falling apart with a salty-sweet Trotter jam. I was a complete wimp when attempting to try the Brains Millefeuille. Pork was off menu on this instance and Johnnie opted for Lamb instead, offal of any type, is not my ‘cup of tea’. I tried a little the millefeuille deliciously light but the texture of the brain was not for me. I loved the way these were served, so dainty presented on Chroma cleavers.

    Johnnie and Tom carried in a large banqueting platter of BBQ’d pork sticky ribs, pig’s head, suckling pig, belly, shoulders and gigantic beef ribs. It was an astounding feat of gastronomy, a real showcase with pork as the hero. I loved the BBQ glaze a sweet and sticky mix of Aspall cider and Coca-cola, certainly ‘finger lickin’ good’.

    The Chocolate ‘Plant Pot’ reminded me of a 2am Dessert bar dish I’d seen created by Janice Wong. Tom Kneale (Johnnie’s Head Chef @ The English Pig) created this pretty dessert with a accompanying Bacon Ice cream. However the latter didn’t make the cut (a little too salty) so a swift substitute of mini white chocolate Magnums were brought in.

    The unpasteurised British cheese with biscuits to finish the meal, were untouched. I don’t think a soul had a single ounce of room to take a bite, as amazing an array of cheese that it was. Post dinner entertainment was an oddity, a raffle with a difference for sponsors Chroma Knives. In my opinion an ‘unlucky’ dip into a bag of innards to retrieve a raffle ticket for a gift. This was too much, a brave few volunteered, I forgave my turn, thankfully just to take whatever was left, which turned out to be a nice Chroma fork.

    I  can’t thank the Critical Couple, Johnnie, Tom & Manjri enough, I had a superb night of fun, frivolity and pork delicacies like I’ve never tasted

    I made my donation, a contribution for their charity choice – Action Against Hunger gladly, a great charity and brilliant event.

    Check out the Critical Couple’s own post here.

    Want to sample magnificent pork like me? Then check out Johnnie’s restaurant The English Pig and his antics here: Johnnie Mountain

  9. The Swan @ The Globe

    June 2, 2011 by Dini

    A Comedy with Many Errors…

    27th May 2011

    Big Ticks for:

    • The glorious Summer weather
    • A dining spot with a splendid view of the Thames and overlooking Shakespeare’s Globe
    • Great sounding British Classics menu with seasonal fayre and
    • The ‘Best’ company in my friends, celebrating one of their 30th Birthday’s…


    I guess this is where the brilliant points end somewhat… it’s the service and lack of attention that lets The Swan down. I don’t normally comment on a venue’s negatives, unless it is consistently disappointing. This was my first visit and I’ll hold my hand up and admit I’ve not been back. However, I had several friends return on different occassions and they all note that the service and timing were poor. Therefore, I feel a little more at ease at posting my comments. It was a Saturday in high summer, the downstairs bar bustling with drinking trade and it was also full to the brim, upstairs in the more refined dining room too. Perhaps, it was simple as being fully booked with a few hands down, well perhaps this was the reason on my visit, as we could never get hold of any waiting staff, let alone a Manager to complain to.

    Private Dining @ The Swan

    Private Dining @ The Swan

    We had a partitioned off private dining area (upstairs), which was really charming. There was a slab of candlewax propped up by a pile of dishelled books as a centre piece and a delicate winged light display. Everything is otherwise beautiful, the location, interiors, servery and even the plating of the dishes.

    Brazen candle display

    Brazen candle display

    As you can survey from the dishes, vibrantly colourful. Portion size a little tame, perhaps because we were on a set meal. The great thing about dining in a large group (there were 16 of us on this evening) is that you can sample the dishes between yourselves, to try a liitle of each and of course, I get to photograph them all.

    By the time, we waddled out, it was a dash for the last tube. The company and hospitality of my friend, her family (who were footing the bill) and our friends was super. Indeed, as per the blog’s title a comedic night, as that’s what a good night is made of – fun and frivolity… however, the errors came in the form of the lack of service and information from the front of house team. It wasn’t my place to leave a complaint, as I wasn’t footing the bill, however had I been I would have had a word or two.

    One redeeming quality from the restaurant, was that they allowed us to supply our own Birthday cake and serve it at the table, free of charge. In some restaurant’s they expect you to purchase an occassion cake from them, take the dessert option with a candle or heaven forbid, pay a charge for ‘table-service’. Thankfully this was waived and out came the cake with dessert plates and fresh napkins. It was a big ’30’ numerical vanilla sponge drizzled in a fresh strawberry frosting. It was really delicious and special because the whole meal had been a surprise to her, so great to end it with fireworks (well, in the form of sparkler candles).

    30th Birthday Cake

    30th Birthday Cake

    The next day, I took a look at the menu, 3 courses (in Restaurant 333, as they call it) comes in at £31.50 per head (excluding drinks and discretionary 12.5% service charge).

    Take time to: Have a drink in the bar downstairs, to sit by the river and watch the world go by
    Watch out: The service, I guess it’s not a place if you’re in a rush or have a show to watch, as you might not make it!
    Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe: 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside, SE1 9DT
    Telephone No: 020 7928 9444



    Swan at the Globe on Urbanspoon