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August, 2011

  1. Fin & Flounder

    August 11, 2011 by Dini

    Fishmongers do Supperclubs…

    5th August 2011

    I first heard of Fin & Flounder (Fishmongers based in Hackney, London), whilst dining at Grazing Asia, as they had donated some superb tuna for the event. After starting to follow them on twitter, I discovered that they were starting to host supperclubs. A little like Bonnie and Wild, they too are spreading the word of amazing produce via great word of mouth and  supperclubs.


    This was a fun event, where @SloLondon (my dining guest) and I cosied upto other guests on the pew-bench like dining set-up. With BYO, we sipped on chilled Pinet and this was a great accompaniment to the terrific sea-food odessey. They pitched the mini- portion sizes just right, considering there were five courses in total. £30 for the five courses and allowing for BYO, was also great value, considering ingredients of lobster, sea-bream and salmon/tuna steaks.

    Things to look out for: F&F have themed menu nights too, they’ve done Ceviche and Asian menu’s so far…

    To find out about the fishmongers ‘Fin & Flounder’ & their events:
    Edible Experiences 


  2. PittCue Co’s Pulled Pork

    August 11, 2011 by Dini

    PittCue on the Southbank


    Twitter events such as ‘Tweat-up’ & ‘MeatCrawl’ made me a frequenter to the Southbank, to discover my summer of 2011’s guilty pleasure: Pitt Cue’s ‘Pulled’ Pork. The effervescent hospitality of Tom & Jamie always welcomed me, whatever weather… usually rain or hailstorm under the leaky Hungerford Bridge.

    Alongside the plentiful portion of tender slow-cooked pulled pork, sides were a gorgeous pickled gherkin, smokey cola beans and slaw (I have to say tainted with dreaded coriander, alas all can’t be perfect).  Longhorn beef brisket and barbecued pork ribs also favourites, featured on the menu, delicious washed down with ‘hard’ lemonade.

    What I most loved, is the chaps’ enthusiasm and love for what they were creating and offering up. Taking pride in sourcing amazing Gloucester Old Spot Pork and bread (c/o of Wild Caper Deli) to experimenting with mouthblowingly hot habanero sauce and injecting spring onions with pork fat. One import, I stayed away from, were the shots lined up on the counter for the braver few.  Namely Picklebacks,  a chaser of rye whiskey and a shot of home-made pickle juice. Just the description was enough to make me wince and a US import that could definitely pass me by.


    PickleBack Shot

    PickleBack Shot c/o

    The Southbank stint was a summer operation, however keep your eye on their twitter feed as a new outlet is promised in the New Year (2012) – @PittCueCo