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Dear Fellow ‘Dolce’ Lovers,

My blog name, a combination of ‘Dini’ my nick-name and the Italian word ‘Dolce’, for ‘sweet’. This is a forewarning, to the fact I have an indulgent sweet tooth and there maybe some bias towards ‘dolce’ inspired posts.

I’m looking to share my experiences of the events and venues that I go along to, hopefully an eclectic mix that will be of interest. A Marketer by day, Chartered post-grad student by night, it’s not going to be all Michelin starred dining. It’ll be a mix of street food, supper clubs, pop-ups and whatever else comes along. I’ll give you my thoughts as they are and with some tips or watch out’s too.

This blog is my first personal foray into blogging and was ‘born’ in Dec 2011. There may be a few back-dated posts as I wanted to share those experiences too. As a Marketer, I’ve always outsourced my digital work/blog content to agencies in the past, so this is an avenue to practise many firsts: copy-writing, photography and the use of word-press.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to assist with constructive feedback to help me grow and learn with time as I get acquainted with wordpress and my own style of blogging.

Thank you for taking the time to read,






  1. martina says:

    Great Review… Can’t wait to try it!! xo

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