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Street Feast

May 16, 2012 by Dini

Street Feast – In the beginning…

May 2012

Nestling around the corner from Brick Lane lies the Scalter street carpark, and the host venue for the inaugural ‘Street Feast’.  London’s appetite for street food fayre is at full throng with markets and pop-ups springing up across the capital. A few favourites from already popular markets have formed the collective for this Friday night shindig.

Here’s a video of some of the highlights:

(thanks to Street Feast / Yin & Yang’s for the use of their youtube video)

What sets this market apart from the others, is that it’s a night-time affair with a fully licensed bar and dining room aptly named ‘The Carwash’, because it usually is one!

It’s a little rough round the edges but the table service and vibe more than compensates for the surroundings.

My first visit’s street feast picks were:

The Rib Man – moreish and tender pork ribs, falling off the bone and smothered in a choice of BBQ or Holy F*uck hot sauce


Mama’s Jerk Station – Spicy chicken with a cooling mix of salad and a jazzed up tropical mayo


Homeslice – Fresh wood-fire baked thin crust pizza’s with simple but delicious toppings, such as chorizo, rocket and parmesan

Which means next time I need to make a beeline to check out …

Big Apple Hot Dogs, Hardcore Prawn and  The Bowler – I tasted the hotdogs before and know it’s a great offering and read review on the others, so curious to try out… I’m sure the vendors will come and go as the weeks go on, but it’s good to see how they mix things up and create wacky executions of their classics like the HomeSlice – RibMan mash-up pizza (as seen at Eat Street) and Beas of Bloomsbury’ deep fried brownies (as seen at Stock MKT).

I don’t recommend that you dart there for 5pm before the crowds as the vendors will probably be still be setting up and getting going. Give them a chance to set up by having a post work drink then come over, I have a feeling the street feast party vibe kicked in post 9pm, judging by tweets that night…

Street Feast is usually held on Friday nights
Website:  – for updates on venues
twitter: @StreetFeastLDN


  1. I cannot believe that all this food stuff has been going on behind my back. I love food and food loves me, but how could I have missed this?

    Hmmm, you will definitely see me there from start to finish. The juices are already flowing, such a variety. Where’s the mailing list, I must join 🙂

    • Dini says:

      So much to do in London… guess we’re spoilt with events and places to go, such is life! Think you can follow them using the links on the post.

  2. Hi Dini
    Went to this event last night, and had a really good time. The ribs from ribman was extremely hot (scotch bonnet) but lovely. Tasted the street mexican and pizza as well. I loved the casual atmosphere and drinks flowed with delight. Enjoyed the raw set up as well. Can’t wait for the next one, as got to try the other cuisine’s. Anyway, glad I found you here.

    • Dini says:

      Great to hear, think there’s a reason the Ribman calls his sauce ‘Holy F*ck’ and that’s because it’s mighty hot! So many more markets in and around London, just got to scout them out 🙂

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