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Burger Monday #2

December 29, 2011 by Dini

Goodman’s London Burger Monday

31st May 2011

This was my second Burger Monday, the first one was catered by the Young Turks, so I knew the routine and to keep an empty stomach, ready and waiting for the readies. John led the Team from Goodman’s and they really made the night special. There were flourishes such as a creating bespoke menu and giving all a printed placemat reminder.  I loved this, as not only was it a momento of my evening, it also displayed the recipes for all the burger components: The bun, burger patty and ‘special’ sauce. If you want the recipes, sorry I’m not going to giveaway Goodman’s secrets, you just had to be there on the night!

For starters, we were served up with a monster Caeser Salad, this was merely a pre-cursor to set off the proceedings. Whole anchovies and wafer shavings of Parmesan were laiden on the thickly dressed leaves. Delicious and scoffed in a couple of minutes.

The main event arrived, it was a tall order (literally), like was a burger taking on a club sandwich in height. The sourdough brioche was soft and sweet, aptly so to mop up the oozing meat juices combining with the ‘special’ sauce, that were in freeflow as you bit into the burger.

The Goodman's Burger

The Goodman's Burger

Daniel (pictured in the red shirt) always strides through the restaurant, like an expectant father, asking diners how it was and did they enjoy it. I’m sure he pretty much has a 99% satisfaction rate on burgers… I’ll leave the odd 1% for the odd ‘grumpy’ diner. This burger again with the meat provided by the Goodman’s supplier and now Burger Monday favourite, O’Shea’s of Knightsbridge. The patty was a combination of chuck, rib eye, sirloin and short-rib, a real mix of cuts from each end of the £ scale, creating a taste revelation.

The dessert, taken from Goodman’s own menu, was their Sundae. A layered concoction with ice cream, brownie squares, plenty of whipped cream, choolate and caramel sauces. It was more heavenly with every decadent spoonful and definately straight to the hips. It was a rich and sumptuos end to a great evening of dining. Goodman’s may have Mayfair routes, but definately know how to knock a humble greasy spoon into shape.

You might ask, why do successful chefs and restaurants (such as Goodmans and Opera Tavern) take part in such events? I think it’s about them hosting informal events, outside of their own premises and being able to try out and create different menu’s. It’s also about widening their reach. They are embracing avid foodies, who share their experiences with others and thereby hopefully create positive word of mouth for the restaurant.


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  1. I think this one was the best Burger Monday burger I’ve had 🙂

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