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  1. Ice Creamists ‘Taste’ Session

    April 16, 2011 by Dini

    Thankfully, ‘Baby Gaga’ wasn’t in stock!

     14th April 2011

    In 2010, The Ice-Creamists hit London, first in a much lauded upon pop-up in Selfridges in Oxford Street… here their Absinthe over ice cream stole the show. Then, in the summer of 2011, worldwide ripples unfortunately not of the raspberry kind surged across the world. The cause?:  ‘Baby Gaga’ a breast-milk ice-cream, which caused outrage and intrigue selling out and consequently being banned by the council.

    A few weeks later I noticed a tasting of their new summer flavours… so yes this is a ‘complimentary’ in payment  post. Curiosity drove me into the S&M uniformed lair, where Matt O’Connor (Owner), ruled the roost. As this was a tasting, we were given samples to share of the complete Summer range, thankfully ‘Baby Gaga’ (now deemed ‘safe’ by the Council) was not on the menu!

    The alcoholic recipe twists to the ice-creams had been overseen by Alex Kammerling, a mixologist extraordinaire and all made fresh daily. I have to confess on occasions, whilst tasting there seemed to be more ‘theatre’ over taste, with the atomiser spritzing, blow-torch finishes and of course Absinthe via IV tubes. For me, the simplicity of a good, fresh ice-cream/gelato, served with love, is sufficient.

    Pre-Royal wedding, there were ‘cheeky’ takes on Will & Kate, I’m not sure if they’re holding out for a royal warrant, it might be some time coming… but perhaps it might be to Prince Harry’s taste.

    In the heart of tourist land, they are creating a brand for themselves with all sorts of merchandise… to top up the average spend per head and why not? I recently noticed these cheeky badges on their facebook page: –


    It is destination ice-cream bar to venture to, if you’d like to entertain with theatrical flourishes or treat your palate to flavours that push boundaries. It’s not for me, but glad to have had the experience.

    The Ice Creamists (Scream)
    23-47 The Market Building, South Piazza Covent Garden, W2CE 8RF
    Opening hours 12pm – 10.30pm, daily