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Fin & Flounder

August 11, 2011 by Dini

Fishmongers do Supperclubs…

5th August 2011

I first heard of Fin & Flounder (Fishmongers based in Hackney, London), whilst dining at Grazing Asia, as they had donated some superb tuna for the event. After starting to follow them on twitter, I discovered that they were starting to host supperclubs. A little like Bonnie and Wild, they too are spreading the word of amazing produce via great word of mouth and  supperclubs.


This was a fun event, where @SloLondon (my dining guest) and I cosied upto other guests on the pew-bench like dining set-up. With BYO, we sipped on chilled Pinet and this was a great accompaniment to the terrific sea-food odessey. They pitched the mini- portion sizes just right, considering there were five courses in total. £30 for the five courses and allowing for BYO, was also great value, considering ingredients of lobster, sea-bream and salmon/tuna steaks.

Things to look out for: F&F have themed menu nights too, they’ve done Ceviche and Asian menu’s so far…

To find out about the fishmongers ‘Fin & Flounder’ & their events:
Edible Experiences 


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