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Ms MarmiteLover’s Lunch

February 16, 2011 by Dini

Kerstin Roger’s @ ‘Mixed Grill’

12th February 2011


When booking for the inaugural Fire & Knives event – ‘Mixed Grill’, I saw the option to book in for a luncheon hosted by MsMarmiteLover  (Kerstin Rogers) and jumped at the chance. Her supper clubs, usually held at her Kilburn residence (which for an Eastender like myself, is too far a trek) and her making ES’ 1000 most influential in 2010, I knew this would be a hot ticket. Indeed it was, I dined with seventy other food-lovers and my table was a hot-bed with Richard Vines, Sudi Pigott, Hannah Norris and Maureen Mills at the helm.

The table was dressed with cute mix and match china tea cups and candles. The placemats as per my photo, was a plug (and why not) to Kerstin’s upcoming first book ‘Supper Club’. Waitresses in cute French maid type outfits and Kerstin with her signature headpiece on show.

Ms Marmite Lover

Ms Marmite Lover - Kerstin Rogers


Our starter was accompanied with a demo, with a difference. Our scallops for our soup were cooked on a massive salt slab and then sprinkled with vanilla salt to season. The sizzle on the salt slab, was enticing and it seemed to act just like a plancha. We were handed a plate of
different salts to take a look at, the colour array and textures were impressive.

Salt Plate

Salt Plate


My favourite, were the truffle salt used to season the roasted potatoes, they were magnificent.




Cream of scallop soup



Dressed whole salmon in aspic

Pea shoots, radish, cucumber and blood orange salad

Truffled potatoes



Almond Blancmange with rhubarb jelly

Rhubarb syllabub

Swan meringues with rose water, almonds and blackberries



Italian cheese board supplied by The Deli Station

White and Red wines by Ten Green Bottles

Coffee from Douwe Egberts

The drama of the whole salmon for mains and the swan meringues for dessert, were just right for such a large group. They were easy to share dishes, with someone acting as ‘Mother’ to spoon out portions. What I enjoyed about this meal was the chance to share good, simple food over a
table with other food-lovers. It’s only afterwards that I discovered that Kerstin is actually a pescetarian, but I didn’t notice the omittance of meat, as there was so much else on offer and show.

To find out more-  MsMarmiteLover’s Suppers’






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