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  1. Burger Monday #2

    December 29, 2011 by Dini

    Goodman’s London Burger Monday

    31st May 2011

    This was my second Burger Monday, the first one was catered by the Young Turks, so I knew the routine and to keep an empty stomach, ready and waiting for the readies. John led the Team from Goodman’s and they really made the night special. There were flourishes such as a creating bespoke menu and giving all a printed placemat reminder.  I loved this, as not only was it a momento of my evening, it also displayed the recipes for all the burger components: The bun, burger patty and ‘special’ sauce. If you want the recipes, sorry I’m not going to giveaway Goodman’s secrets, you just had to be there on the night!

    For starters, we were served up with a monster Caeser Salad, this was merely a pre-cursor to set off the proceedings. Whole anchovies and wafer shavings of Parmesan were laiden on the thickly dressed leaves. Delicious and scoffed in a couple of minutes.

    The main event arrived, it was a tall order (literally), like was a burger taking on a club sandwich in height. The sourdough brioche was soft and sweet, aptly so to mop up the oozing meat juices combining with the ‘special’ sauce, that were in freeflow as you bit into the burger.

    The Goodman's Burger

    The Goodman's Burger

    Daniel (pictured in the red shirt) always strides through the restaurant, like an expectant father, asking diners how it was and did they enjoy it. I’m sure he pretty much has a 99% satisfaction rate on burgers… I’ll leave the odd 1% for the odd ‘grumpy’ diner. This burger again with the meat provided by the Goodman’s supplier and now Burger Monday favourite, O’Shea’s of Knightsbridge. The patty was a combination of chuck, rib eye, sirloin and short-rib, a real mix of cuts from each end of the £ scale, creating a taste revelation.

    The dessert, taken from Goodman’s own menu, was their Sundae. A layered concoction with ice cream, brownie squares, plenty of whipped cream, choolate and caramel sauces. It was more heavenly with every decadent spoonful and definately straight to the hips. It was a rich and sumptuos end to a great evening of dining. Goodman’s may have Mayfair routes, but definately know how to knock a humble greasy spoon into shape.

    You might ask, why do successful chefs and restaurants (such as Goodmans and Opera Tavern) take part in such events? I think it’s about them hosting informal events, outside of their own premises and being able to try out and create different menu’s. It’s also about widening their reach. They are embracing avid foodies, who share their experiences with others and thereby hopefully create positive word of mouth for the restaurant.


    If you’re a Burger fan or creator… join in with the fun:

    Burger Monday website:
    Goodmans London website:
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  2. Burger Monday #1

    December 29, 2011 by Dini

    Young Turks' Burgers

    Young Turks’ Burger Monday

    25th January 2011

    Burger Monday is the quest to find perfect burgers. It’s where burger-lovers congregate in social spaces (online or at pop-ups) to live, breathe and be in awe of guests chefs that take the reigns, all under the expert hand of Daniel Young (@youngandfoodish).  The Young Turks are young, talented chefs, often mentioned in ‘ones to watch’ and London ‘food scene’ trend reports. Donning their chefs whites for this inaugural event, we were fortunate enough to have the full collective of: James Lowe, Isaac McHale and Ben Greeno, putting their spin on the humble burger.

    I loved the fact that Burger Monday attendees started pre-event chat on facebook and twitter… deliberating and mostly salivating. In addition, we were teased and toiled with by Daniel, posting up pre-event videos and dry-run pictures. Here’s a video of James Lowe selecting the ‘beef’ at O’Shea’s (Knightsbridge) for the event…

    Burger Monday takes a ‘greasy spoon’ cafe (Andrews) by day and converts it into a twitter foodie hotbed of burger lovers by night (well the designated and usually ‘sold-out’ in minutes nights). I like this, burgers are a comfort eating action, something you can be at ease in doing, not something for a fine-dining environment per se.

    The menu is simple, 3 courses, you eat with companions you may have booked with, otherwise if a singleton, you’ll be seated with other food lovers who’ll soon welcome you into the Burger fold.

    I have to admit the starter of Smoked Salmon and the dessert of Affogato, although executed perfectly and were delicious, were superfluous to the main event, of the ‘Burger’. As per the video, James Lowe opted for high fat content meat. The cut being: private reserve 100% Perthshire Black Angus Beef, the patty result was a succulent texture but retaining it’s moisture. The chips were fried in beef dripping, I can tell you I had to fight my dining companion for them and especially the crispy bits at the bottom of the dish (way better then Heston’s triple fried chips). I could have easily eaten two dishes to myself, but alas we were sharing a dish between two (this was probably good, to save my cholesterol level).

    I have now become quite a fan and follower of Burger Monday, it’s a great group of ‘Burger Lovers’ who share a passion and talk and meet frequently. I’ve since been too a couple more and you genuinely do meet regulars that you’ll recognise and feel like you are part of a special night. This was probably my favourite event, it being the first one and of my attendance, however the Goodman’s night, comes a close second. I hasten to add, that now even with multiple sittings in an evening, I am never able to book speedily enough to grab a seat. Such is the popularity of these events, that the recent Opera Tavern one, sold out in 6 minutes! I’ll persist to book in a timely fashion, as these nights are truly worth it.


    If you’re a Burger fan or creator… join in with the fun:

    Burger Monday website:
    Young Turks website:



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  3. Meateasy – The Original

    February 28, 2011 by Dini

    Pop-Up Burger Dining – 25th Feb 2011


    For months prior to Meateasy’s opening and then afterward there was a lot of twitter buzz, proclamations were being made about it being ‘the best burger’ and experience in London. Alas, the guerrilla pop-up was located in New Cross, quite a trek and is a burger really that worthy? Brain child of Yianni Papoutsis, here’s the story –


    Another month went by and the surge of fandom had reached the mainstream with coverage in The Evening Standard and The Metro. So, I decided the pilgrimage had to be made. My fellow diners the @CriticalCouple had ‘reserved’ a table, thankfully meant that we could queue jump somewhat, I certainly didn’t fancy waiting two hours for any burger!

    On arrival there was a buzz of activity, very cool and already full to the rafters by 6pm. We had delicious cocktails (Mojito and a French Martini) by Soul Shakers, to quench our thirst and keep us amused during waiting. Every so often we’d hear a clanging, this was done when a donation was made to the new Meatwagon van fund (The old van was sadly stolen).

    To reduce waiting time there was a limit on food, so one could only order three items from the menu, so my friend and I opted for three different items each so we could share. I loved the chicken burger in particular, juicy and tender meat with a real crispy breadcrumb. The fudge brownie ice-cream sundae which I assume was one of the least ordered items (due to rationing and the burger being the main event), was a deliciously gooey triumph.

    One brave soul on our table @corkgourmetguy (Dave Ahern) ventured to take on the ‘Triple Chilli Challenge’. This was a timed record challenge of speed eating three different ‘chilli’ menu items, the fastest winner being entitled to queue jump, on visits thereafter. A lot of water and plenty of beer was consumed at any rate and I’m sure there was indigestion too.

    Since closing down the pop-up, the meat wagon has popped up at a Dalston Festival, a residency in Peckham-Rye,  the Soho Food Festival and Glastonbury. So, the work of dastardly thieves thankfully didn’t scupper the stellar work of the Meatwagon and Yianni’s latest venue is under the guise of @MeatLiquor nestling in Marylebone.

    Follow Yianni on twitter on @themeatwagonuk to keep up with his adventures…

    2013 Blog update: since my blog Yianni has opened up the following venues…

    MEATLiquor     74 Welbeck St, London W1G 0BA
    MEATMarket   The Deck, Jubilee Market Hall, Tavistock St, London, WC2E 8BE
    MEATMission   14-16 Hoxton Market, London, N1 6HG

  4. Bob Bob Ricard’s Russian Lunch

    January 3, 2011 by Dini

    BBR Rhubarb G&T's

    My Glamorous Russian Prixe Fixe

    Dec 2010

    On a rainy December lunch-time, I decided glitz and glamour was in order, so I joined some fellow twitter food-lovers at the Soho restaurant, Bob Bob Ricard. On entering, I was not disappointed the decor was like entering a grandiose palace, with stunning fixtures and fittings. As a fan of the colours, gold and turquoise, I was in my element, David Collins (Interiors Designer) certainly won me over.

    First off we started with a round of cocktails, well we were getting into the Christmas spirit. I have to confess at this point, Management had been alerted to our booking, due to my ’blogger’ dining guests, Richard (Co-Owner) graciously sent us some complimentary items, to get our dining off to a bang! Then complimentary cocktails of the house Rhubarb Gin & Tonic arrived. This was a delectable drink and probably my favourite of
    the cocktails, because the gin allowed the fresh rhubarb to shine, in the simple drink composition.

    Next off we received a complimentary Russian Salad, topped with shavings of Black Truffle, accompanied by a 25cl glass of Kauffman luxury vintage vodka 2008. The vodka came in a dainty cut crystal glass, that had frosted over due to the cold serve at -18 degrees. Paying attention to chill the vodka made such a difference in tasting the quality of it and it’s combination with the creamy salad and melt in the mouth truffle.

    Russian Salad with shaved Black Truffle & Kauffman's Vodka

    Russian Salad with shaved Black Truffle & Kauffman's Vodka

    For my paid element, I opted for a two-course Prixe Fixe menu, seeing we’d already had a starter course. As a ‘Burger-holic’ I selected the BBR Scotch Beef Burger (traditionally a cheese-burger, but I’m not a fan of cheese on my burgers so opted out. However, I’ll report that one can have an option of either Danegeld Cheddar or Kraft Cheese). Alongside this, I had fries and coleslaw… however we shared each other’s side dishes to get a taste.

    BBR Scotch Burger

    BBR Scotch Burger

    For my own personal preference, my burger was a little too charred for my liking, but the taste was superb, juicy and great quality meat. I especially liked the fries served in cute BBR boxes. The majority of service-ware and trims had the BBR insignia, a nice touch.

    BBR Scotch Burger & Sides

    BBR Burger & Sides

    For dessert, I had 3 scoops of ice-cream (Peanut butter/banana, Valrhona chocolate & Salted caramel). My favourite of the flavours was the chocolate, rich and dreamy. The other two, were full of promise in flavour descriptor, but for me failed to deliver. A little ironic that the items, I recieved that were complimentary, were superb, but those I selected and paid for myself, lack-lustre – perhaps my poor choices.

    I especially like the touches such as the ‘Champagne Button’ in each of the booths, it’s such a whimsical notion, to summon a waiter on request, just for Champagne – but why not? My favourite spot of all, was actually detailing in the wine menu… they cheekily do a wine price comparison in pricing, against Michelin starred restaurants…

    A cheeky wine comparison:

    Chateux Margaux 1st Cru Classe, 1985 – £575

    This wine is £1500 at Corrigan’s Mayfair

    Bob Bob Ricard delivers with bags of confidence. If you want a feast for the eyes, this is definitely a place to come, for the decor, people-watching and beautiful dishes. I didn’t get my burger or ice-cream to my taste, but I’ll let this go, as the service and vibe was spot-on.

    Bobby’s Bar alas was closed when we waddled off, however I have been back and definitely recommend the Rhubarb G&T (now a staple in my London drinking tipple’s). With a ‘clear’ Bloody Mary named after the supermodel Natalie Vodianova, you know this is going to be a high glamour and glossy venue.

    My photo’s don’t do justice to the opulence and beauty of this establishment, so I’m going to guide you to the excellent @paulwf’s shots.

    Bob Bob Ricard
    1 Upper James Street, London, W1F 9DF
    0203 145 1000

    Bob Bob Ricard on Urbanspoon