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  1. City Caphe & L’Amant Dining Supper Club

    December 26, 2011 by Dini

    Not your typical Caphe…

    5th November 2011

    Any Londoner in search of a decent daytime Vietnamese lunch, may have already stumbled upon the delights of City Caphe and Banhmi11 (L’Amant Dining). Each operator specialising in delicious banh-mi’s, summer rolls and pho.  So, it was my delight to find out, that they were joining forces to create a supper club,  located in City Caphe’s premises. I’ve recently been opting for attending these supper-club evenings as it’s a great way of sampling new cusines, meeting new people and at an affordable cost, for so many dishes. On this occassion, the cost was £35 and BYO, for 8 courses, a bargain and not a surprise to see the two inaugural dates sell-out speedily!




    Green mango, pomelo and sun-dried squid salad

    (Fresh citrusy notes, with great textural crunch of the squid)


    Pan-fried scallops on lotus root chips

    (Juicy scallops, serenaded by spring onions and crispy chips)


    Prawn banh xeo

    (One of my all time favourites, it’s the addition of the fresh herbs, that gives this omlette like dish real depth. Every mouthful exacted juicyness from  the plump prawns and beanshoots)


    Fish Q roll

    (Thankfully not a DIY roll, which never ends prettily for me, for spillage, but a dainty fish roll, readily spliced)


    Ban rieu crab noodle soup

    (A spicy pork broth, with nuggets of crab and tofu. This was slurp-tastic, although I had to fight against the dreaded coriander, in the herb mix)


    Oven baked sardine in lotus leaf

    (The sardine was of course riddled with bones, but because it had been beautifully baked, was easy to flake away the fillets, however the candlelight, didn’t help this process much)


    Home made ice cream (choice of Durian or Fig & Honey)

    (I’m not a fan of durian perhaps an oversight on my side as it’s actually a delicacy in Asia. However, having encountered this beast of a fruit in Malaysia, even the mere smell, makes my stomach turn. I opted for the ‘safer’ option, which was rich and creamy, I ate this first for fear of it melting away)


    Che troi nuoc mung bean dumplings in ginger syrup

    (I then tucked into the hot option, a gooey dumpling, with a heady ginger syrup, that had a real kick)


     My thanks for great hospitality provided by Julie & Team (from City Caphe) & Van, Anh & Team (from L’Amant Dining/Banhmi11), it was a perfect evening of fun, meeting new food-lovers and great Vietnamese ‘eats’. This event was a celebration of Vietnamese dishes, I enjoyed seeing some classics given a modern twist.  Having travelled around Vietnam, I loved re-visiting the freshness and vibrancy of the cuisine and am pleased that there is now more than just the Kingland Road for getting my Vietnamese fixes.

    If you’d like to check out either of my hosts’ eateries or events then click on the links below:
    Banhmi11 ( and City Caphe (





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