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  1. Bob Bob Ricard’s Russian Lunch

    January 3, 2011 by Dini

    BBR Rhubarb G&T's

    My Glamorous Russian Prixe Fixe

    Dec 2010

    On a rainy December lunch-time, I decided glitz and glamour was in order, so I joined some fellow twitter food-lovers at the Soho restaurant, Bob Bob Ricard. On entering, I was not disappointed the decor was like entering a grandiose palace, with stunning fixtures and fittings. As a fan of the colours, gold and turquoise, I was in my element, David Collins (Interiors Designer) certainly won me over.

    First off we started with a round of cocktails, well we were getting into the Christmas spirit. I have to confess at this point, Management had been alerted to our booking, due to my ’blogger’ dining guests, Richard (Co-Owner) graciously sent us some complimentary items, to get our dining off to a bang! Then complimentary cocktails of the house Rhubarb Gin & Tonic arrived. This was a delectable drink and probably my favourite of
    the cocktails, because the gin allowed the fresh rhubarb to shine, in the simple drink composition.

    Next off we received a complimentary Russian Salad, topped with shavings of Black Truffle, accompanied by a 25cl glass of Kauffman luxury vintage vodka 2008. The vodka came in a dainty cut crystal glass, that had frosted over due to the cold serve at -18 degrees. Paying attention to chill the vodka made such a difference in tasting the quality of it and it’s combination with the creamy salad and melt in the mouth truffle.

    Russian Salad with shaved Black Truffle & Kauffman's Vodka

    Russian Salad with shaved Black Truffle & Kauffman's Vodka

    For my paid element, I opted for a two-course Prixe Fixe menu, seeing we’d already had a starter course. As a ‘Burger-holic’ I selected the BBR Scotch Beef Burger (traditionally a cheese-burger, but I’m not a fan of cheese on my burgers so opted out. However, I’ll report that one can have an option of either Danegeld Cheddar or Kraft Cheese). Alongside this, I had fries and coleslaw… however we shared each other’s side dishes to get a taste.

    BBR Scotch Burger

    BBR Scotch Burger

    For my own personal preference, my burger was a little too charred for my liking, but the taste was superb, juicy and great quality meat. I especially liked the fries served in cute BBR boxes. The majority of service-ware and trims had the BBR insignia, a nice touch.

    BBR Scotch Burger & Sides

    BBR Burger & Sides

    For dessert, I had 3 scoops of ice-cream (Peanut butter/banana, Valrhona chocolate & Salted caramel). My favourite of the flavours was the chocolate, rich and dreamy. The other two, were full of promise in flavour descriptor, but for me failed to deliver. A little ironic that the items, I recieved that were complimentary, were superb, but those I selected and paid for myself, lack-lustre – perhaps my poor choices.

    I especially like the touches such as the ‘Champagne Button’ in each of the booths, it’s such a whimsical notion, to summon a waiter on request, just for Champagne – but why not? My favourite spot of all, was actually detailing in the wine menu… they cheekily do a wine price comparison in pricing, against Michelin starred restaurants…

    A cheeky wine comparison:

    Chateux Margaux 1st Cru Classe, 1985 – £575

    This wine is £1500 at Corrigan’s Mayfair

    Bob Bob Ricard delivers with bags of confidence. If you want a feast for the eyes, this is definitely a place to come, for the decor, people-watching and beautiful dishes. I didn’t get my burger or ice-cream to my taste, but I’ll let this go, as the service and vibe was spot-on.

    Bobby’s Bar alas was closed when we waddled off, however I have been back and definitely recommend the Rhubarb G&T (now a staple in my London drinking tipple’s). With a ‘clear’ Bloody Mary named after the supermodel Natalie Vodianova, you know this is going to be a high glamour and glossy venue.

    My photo’s don’t do justice to the opulence and beauty of this establishment, so I’m going to guide you to the excellent @paulwf’s shots.

    Bob Bob Ricard
    1 Upper James Street, London, W1F 9DF
    0203 145 1000

    Bob Bob Ricard on Urbanspoon