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  1. PittCueCo takes on Newburgh St

    January 19, 2012 by Dini

    PittCueCo's Pulled Pork & Burnt End Mash

    Flying Visit to Pitt Cue

     18th January 2012

    I discovered PittCueCo under the Hungerford Bridge, on London’s Southbank, in the ‘Summer of 2011’. This turned into a summer long love affair, namely with their pulled pork and illustrated in my last post (click here)…

    So it didn’t take long for the wafts of the BBQ fayre to send twitter foodies into fever-point. I left it a few days and visited off-peak, to get a queue free seat and fast service. The new PittCueCo, is in Newburgh Street, just off the bustle of Carnaby Street.

    An intimate venue, with 30 seats, a little like Spuntino in the manner that there’s informal seating at the bar and more downstairs. I braced myself for the Foodie avalanche, Tourists who had luckily stumbled upon it and Media Dahling Soho-ites dining there. On entering, I was greeted by the ever charming Jamie (a partner) and offered a ceremonial ‘Pickleback’, I declined as it just isn’t my cup of tea… Thankfully, I pitched the timing just right, post-work drinks and dining hadn’t commenced yet, so I took a stool downstairs. I spied Tom (the other partner) cooking away in the Kitchen, so said a quick hello. It’s quite different, having been familiar with seeing them both in action in the old truck, now seeing them in their Front and Back of House roles.

    The menu, is a succinct selection of unctuously delicious ‘comfort’ food. I was glad to see my favourites on the menu (pulled pork, brisket and slaw). When opting for a mains and a side the pair come in at £9 – 9.50, not bad considering you get (mains, side, house pickles and a piece of toasted sourdough). The ‘Special’ tonight was a ‘House Sausage’, I decided to try this and the dessert offering on another occasion, when I had more time. One pretty special new side dish, was the ‘Burnt End Mash’. It was a beautifully smooth and buttery mashed potato, with tender ends of the beef brisket laden on top.

    The food is served up in rectangular tin dishes and jars, a cross between old school camping kit and Little House on the Prairie (sweet). I did  notice there were two filled bun options (for pulled pork or brisket). When I asked to order them, I was told they were take-away only… boo I say, as I would have been keen. I did pick this up with Jamie on leaving and he said they were available at the bar, well… to loyal customers ;

    Alas next time, I know to sit upstairs for the buns, to peruse the great selection of bourbon’s & rye’s displayed on the back-bar and just have a good time. This isn’t food for a flying visit (my schoolgirl error), it’s food to be relished, saluted with a PickleBack and obviously followed up with a dessert.

    Alas, there are no bookings, so either go off-peak, or as word spreads, prepare to queue…

    Address: 1 Newburgh St, Soho, W1F 7RB

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  2. PittCue Co’s Pulled Pork

    August 11, 2011 by Dini

    PittCue on the Southbank


    Twitter events such as ‘Tweat-up’ & ‘MeatCrawl’ made me a frequenter to the Southbank, to discover my summer of 2011’s guilty pleasure: Pitt Cue’s ‘Pulled’ Pork. The effervescent hospitality of Tom & Jamie always welcomed me, whatever weather… usually rain or hailstorm under the leaky Hungerford Bridge.

    Alongside the plentiful portion of tender slow-cooked pulled pork, sides were a gorgeous pickled gherkin, smokey cola beans and slaw (I have to say tainted with dreaded coriander, alas all can’t be perfect).  Longhorn beef brisket and barbecued pork ribs also favourites, featured on the menu, delicious washed down with ‘hard’ lemonade.

    What I most loved, is the chaps’ enthusiasm and love for what they were creating and offering up. Taking pride in sourcing amazing Gloucester Old Spot Pork and bread (c/o of Wild Caper Deli) to experimenting with mouthblowingly hot habanero sauce and injecting spring onions with pork fat. One import, I stayed away from, were the shots lined up on the counter for the braver few.  Namely Picklebacks,  a chaser of rye whiskey and a shot of home-made pickle juice. Just the description was enough to make me wince and a US import that could definitely pass me by.


    PickleBack Shot

    PickleBack Shot c/o

    The Southbank stint was a summer operation, however keep your eye on their twitter feed as a new outlet is promised in the New Year (2012) – @PittCueCo