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  1. Burger Monday #1

    December 29, 2011 by Dini

    Young Turks' Burgers

    Young Turks’ Burger Monday

    25th January 2011

    Burger Monday is the quest to find perfect burgers. It’s where burger-lovers congregate in social spaces (online or at pop-ups) to live, breathe and be in awe of guests chefs that take the reigns, all under the expert hand of Daniel Young (@youngandfoodish).  The Young Turks are young, talented chefs, often mentioned in ‘ones to watch’ and London ‘food scene’ trend reports. Donning their chefs whites for this inaugural event, we were fortunate enough to have the full collective of: James Lowe, Isaac McHale and Ben Greeno, putting their spin on the humble burger.

    I loved the fact that Burger Monday attendees started pre-event chat on facebook and twitter… deliberating and mostly salivating. In addition, we were teased and toiled with by Daniel, posting up pre-event videos and dry-run pictures. Here’s a video of James Lowe selecting the ‘beef’ at O’Shea’s (Knightsbridge) for the event…

    Burger Monday takes a ‘greasy spoon’ cafe (Andrews) by day and converts it into a twitter foodie hotbed of burger lovers by night (well the designated and usually ‘sold-out’ in minutes nights). I like this, burgers are a comfort eating action, something you can be at ease in doing, not something for a fine-dining environment per se.

    The menu is simple, 3 courses, you eat with companions you may have booked with, otherwise if a singleton, you’ll be seated with other food lovers who’ll soon welcome you into the Burger fold.

    I have to admit the starter of Smoked Salmon and the dessert of Affogato, although executed perfectly and were delicious, were superfluous to the main event, of the ‘Burger’. As per the video, James Lowe opted for high fat content meat. The cut being: private reserve 100% Perthshire Black Angus Beef, the patty result was a succulent texture but retaining it’s moisture. The chips were fried in beef dripping, I can tell you I had to fight my dining companion for them and especially the crispy bits at the bottom of the dish (way better then Heston’s triple fried chips). I could have easily eaten two dishes to myself, but alas we were sharing a dish between two (this was probably good, to save my cholesterol level).

    I have now become quite a fan and follower of Burger Monday, it’s a great group of ‘Burger Lovers’ who share a passion and talk and meet frequently. I’ve since been too a couple more and you genuinely do meet regulars that you’ll recognise and feel like you are part of a special night. This was probably my favourite event, it being the first one and of my attendance, however the Goodman’s night, comes a close second. I hasten to add, that now even with multiple sittings in an evening, I am never able to book speedily enough to grab a seat. Such is the popularity of these events, that the recent Opera Tavern one, sold out in 6 minutes! I’ll persist to book in a timely fashion, as these nights are truly worth it.


    If you’re a Burger fan or creator… join in with the fun:

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